An improving economy means retailers are poised for success now more than ever. However, that doesn’t mean they’re not without challenges such as the rise of online shopping. From promoting your store and improving customer service to sales tips and advice from fellow retailers, this section is a must-read for retailers everywhere. 


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Swim Spa Currents

Sales rise as homeowners begin to see swim spas as a "pool alternative"

Switching Sides, Switching Lines

Three spa dealers explain why it sometimes pays to switch spa lines.

The Hot Tub Health Movement

With powerful scientific data behind us, the hot tub industry needs to focus on the wellness message. These three pros explain how they're doing just that.

'3 Steps to Creating the Ultimate Pool Experience

Three steps that will cultivate excitement — and more sales.

2017's Top Showroom Design Trends

Today's top dealers are avoiding the stuffed warehouse look and going for a boutique feel.

Winning Against Online Merchants

To keep customers coming back, you need a strategy to mitigate the advantages of online shopping.

Sell the Products AROUND the Pool

Cater to customers' growing backyard needs and build longtime relationships by offering complementary products

Retail Wisdom (From Other Retailers)

A retail expert shares what lessons P/S retailers can learn from other businesses

Up in Your Grill

Gas, charcoal and wood pellet grills — what are consumers looking for?

Hiring Hot Tub Salespeople

Eight tips to make the process as painless as possible.

3 Mistakes That are Costing You Sales

Which ones are you making?

Customer Service in the Digital Age

To meet the customer halfway, you have to meet them on their smartphones.

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