Pool Chemicals

Keeping water clear and balanced can be tricky without a grounding in the basics of pool chemistry. Here, we dig into the fundamentals, explore salt chlorine generators and share how you can overcome common problems along the way.


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Keeping pool chemical sales away from big box stores

People are still buying pool chemicals to maintain their pools, but they're more susceptible than ever to the cost-savings promises of online retailers and discount merchants. Read what other retailers say about the trend.

Explaining Chlorine Demand To Customers Requires Simple Approach

Pool chemistry is complicated. So how should pros explain it to their customers? Here are a few strategies.

The Case of the Mysterious Pool Deposits

Why did this resort pool suddenly develop large, white deposits? Service Que Hales was called to investigate, and here, we learn the details of the case.

Is Superchlorinating The Best Way To Eliminate Chloramines?

If you're CPO certified, you know superchlorination is the way to treat a buildup of combined chlorine. But is it always the best way?

Should borates be the first chemical added to the pool?

The manufacturers of a borate buffering system explain why borates, though less carbon than carbonates, may make a better choice for maintaining pH.

Know what's in fill water before it enters the pool

As summer nears, it's time to refill the pool. But be careful — knowing what's going in the pool with the water is a matter of sound pool care.

Keeping pool water balanced is one of the keys to reducing chemical usage

While chemicals are seen as "anti-green," there are green measures you can take to minimize their impact. Here's just a few.

An Artisan's Approach to Water Chemistry

Maintaining superior water quality requires knowledge, skill and an enlightened perspective, says veteran builder and servicer Steve Kenny. Read more about his philosophy here.

Avoiding stains in salt chlorine pools

One flaw of salt chlorine generators: staining. Here we explore how that staining occurs and what you can do to prevent it.

Dollars in the Water

Changing the way you present your chemical services can boost your profits.

Until the Colors Fade

​Why do pools with black or blue plaster sometimes lose their color?

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