Saltwater Pools

Salt chlorine generators have enjoyed consistent growth due to their undeniable convenience as well as consumer perceptions about the quality of water they produce. Care and maintenance are essential, as with any product. Read more about them here:

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The Persistent Myths of Salt Systems

Misunderstandings about salt systems have lingered among consumers.

With a Grain of Salt

A service tech explains why customers in his area are skeptical of salt chlorine generators.

Borates for the SCG

Borates are a helpful algaestat and pH buffer, especially for pools with salt chlorine generators

Protect Your Pool From Saltwater

A look at the science behind sacrifical anodes.

Make More Money Selling Salt Chlorine Generators

A salt chlorine generator is not just a product you sell and walk away from. Instead, they require ongoing customer support and education, which could lead to a regular stream of profit for your business.

Don't 'Bypass' the Proper Solution

Learn how to correct a common mistake in the use SCGs.

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