IG Package Pools - Vinyl Liners

One way the industry meets the needs of its middle-class customer base: the package pool, which features a vinyl-liner interior. While formerly known as a “cookie cutter” product, package pools are now just as customizable and beautiful as their gunite counterparts.


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Vinyl Liners: Measure Twice, Order Once

So your client wants radiused steps, a tanning ledge and waterfall in their pool — and you have to fit it with a vinyl liner. Here are some best practices for measuring and installing that should lessen your apprehension about adding special features to your customers' vinyl pools this season.

Product Focus: Rejuvenating Your Pool, the Vinyl Liner Way

More and more homeowners are looking to renew their backyards, and to do so, they're turning to vinyl liners. Here's a roundup of the latest patterns.

A New Way to Line the Pool - Another Recycling Breakthrough?

This new company is making it a goal to truly recycle materials, like billboard vinyl, which happens to be the same thickness as pool vinyl liners. Can the pool industry embrace such a true form of recycling?

The Total Package - February 2008

Forget Botox. Package pools are getting a facelift with more versatile options to please homeowners across the board. Here, we see how they've evolved.

Wrapping The Perfect Package

Vinyl-liner pools are massively popular among middle-class families, and builders who serve this market stand to make a healthy profit. Here, a few vinyl-liner builders share their insights, tips and techniques for crafting a well-built package pool.

What's underneath the vinyl in a vinyl-liner pool?

What you find under the vinyl is just as important to a successful pool installation as the vinyl itself. In this story, we peel back the layers and explore the anatomy of a vinyl-liner pool.

Vinyl-liner pool blends with natural surroundings

Challenging climate conditions didn't hamper builders from crafting the natural-looking vinyl-liner pool this homeowner requested.

Vinyl-liner renovations popular in this economy

Spending patterns indicate that customers are more willing to restore what they have rather than buy new. With existing vinyl-liner pools more common than ever, there's a perfect market for builders at hand: older pools in need of an upgrade.

Good Things Come in Pool Packages

Package pools are increasingly upgraded with higher-end pumps. We examine the trend.

The Fine Art of Vinyl

It's one of the industry's great mysteries: Who exactly designs the vinyl liners we see on showroom floors? Here, we meet someone who does just that.

2014 Vinyl Liner Product Roundup

We take a look at the newest and best-selling vinyl liner patterns in the pool industry.

The Wide World of Custom Package Pools

From shape, pattern options and new features like steps and shelves, package pools are becoming increasingly custom.

How Hybrid Pools Can Help Grow Your Business

In his latest column, Al Curtis of Ask the Pool Guy explains how specializing in a unique style of pool helped set himself apart from other builders.

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